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Subject: Genographic mtDNA "Results" Display -- Questions
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:32:53 -0400

One an mtDNA sample I transferred from FTDNA to Genographic (it was CRS --
no mutations) the Genographic "Results" display starts with a bold yellow
"S". That's obviously not an abbreviation for a base, and yellow is
supposed to be the color code for a transition (A->T or C->G, for example).
Does anyone know what is being represented by this notation?

Also, the Results Panel is headed up with the label "16CRS" -- is that just
a clumsy way of saying we are looking at HVR1, beginning at 16000, and that
the established pattern is the same as the CRS?

If others don't have anything like this on their mtDNA results pages and
don't understand what I'm describing, I could cut and paste the graphic
into a web page somewhere for viewing.

David Wilson

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