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Subject: RE: [DNA] RE: mtDNA results
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 13:57:03 -0400


I understand that Oxford Ancestors reports on only 400 base pairs of HVR1
(16001-16400), so they will not report a mutation at 16519. But that
doesn't make us CRS, which is determined by whether we actually match the
original sequence --not whether some lab reports it.

16519 is actually the most common mutation found in HVR1 as it is reported
by FTDNA and the Genographic Project (bases 16001-16569). In my data base
of 1718 mtDNA motifs, 130 are CRS -- no mutations. Another 133 have the
sole mutation at 16519 that we share.

In your HVR2 panel, the mutations at 73, 263 and 315.1 are not rare and
therefore not hugely informative, and the mutation at 150 is only a little
less frequent. But the mutation at 198 is not at all common -- I have only
16 examples in my data set -- so that is probably where you should focus in
the search for possible associations. As it turns out, that mutation is
most often found in some of the subclades of L, but you can exclude that
connection on the grounds that in those clusters it is usually accompanied
by 10 to 15 more mutations. You have only four others, so the 198 in your
case must represent an independent recent mutation -- "recent" meaning
"within the last few centuries or very few thousands of years."

It will be interesting to see where the H-refine testing puts you. Please
report to the list when the results come in.

David Wilson

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From: Cynthia Aucoin
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:31:24 -0400
Subject: [DNA] RE: My mtDNA results are in/David Wilson

My HVR1 matches yours, in that my only variant is 16519C also. I think I
read somewhere that Oxford Ancestry does not test 16519C. If this is
right, does this make us CRS too? In HVR2, my differences are 73G, 150T,
198T, 263G and 315.1C. So we share two of the variants in HVR2. My
maternal line is all German back to the 1780's.

I am waiting the haplogroup H subclade results which are due now. We also
share a HVR1 match with the author Megan Smolenyak.


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