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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: New subclade of 'I'?
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 23:09:07 -0600


I took my numbers and stuck them into Sorenson, with your original email
beside me as a guide. Came up with some interesting things. Twelve
entries matched all four of the locations that you identified as being
critical to this possible new subclade. Predictably, there were no 23/25
or better matches to me, but the top two entries were a 22/25 and a 21/25.
Both are extremely interesting. The 22/25 is a surname Clawson that goes
back to Stamford, Connecticut in 1633. I need to do some digging in ship
lists, but knowing what I do of the history of that area, I would bet a
coffee and a jelly doughnut that the immigrant ancestor Clawson came from
England, and very likely from the Yorkshire area. 22/25 is consistent
with an MRCA sometime slightly after the Domesday Book. The 21/25 is even
more interesting, since it's in Nord, France. The surname is Tavernier,
which is a 'job' name meaning 'innkeeper'. This suggests to me a Norman
connection, which is consistent with an 'I' haplogroup, since the Normans
were basically French-speaking Vikings. 21/25 would be consistent with an
MRCA during the time that the Normans were in France.

This is also entirely consistent with the distribution in the file that you
sent me, and matches either of the two alternative theories that I'm kicking


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