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Subject: Re: [DNA] Help me figure out what happened here
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 03:18:37 EDT


You need to compare the Ingram line back as far as it goes -- 21/25 isn't
that close generally. I'd think about 37 markers for # 34128 and #16135 to
see if the match improves, stays the same or gets more distant.

The lineage you give below which goes back and forth between male and female
ancestors has nothing to do with either his Y-DNA nor his mtDNA. How far
back can he trace his Ingram line?


In a message dated 6/15/2005 11:30:34 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,

I had a guy join my McWhirter Project named Ingram, and I assumed it was to

check his mtdna, which carried McWhorter. He did check his mtdna, along with
his Y. But it is far more complicated than that, upon seeing the 25

His Ydna is a 21/25 match with my brother's Ydna...but the McWhorter name
from his maternal line!

The 2 participants are # 34128 and #16135 at

My brother's male line goes back MCWHIRTER at least into Ulster in 1785
our Samuel McWhirter was born.

However, Mr. Ingram's line goes like this:

Ingram 1960

Ingram 1895, whose wife was a Thompson

Now this Thompson female was the child of a John Thompson male and a Hooks

The above John Thompson was the child of Elizabeth McWhorter (1840 and
Jordan Thompson

Eliz McWhorter was the dau of John C. McWhorter -1805

John C. McWhorter was the son of Aaron McW 1777, who was the son of George
McWhorter (1735)

WHAAA Happened here? and why do we have a 21/25 match with my McWhirter
line that goes back to N. Ireland as McWhirter?

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