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Subject: RE: [DNA] Help me figure out what happened here
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 04:46:23 -0700
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I guess I woke up skeptical this morning, but I would look at this apparent
correlation with suspicion.

First, a genetic distance of four over 25 markers is not that close a match,
and when the two haplotypes you are comparing lie as close to the modal
values for R1b as they do you should expect to see at least some apparent
similarity when you put the two side by side. Maybe there is a
McWhirter/McWhorter connection between the male and female lines somewhere
way back when, but you shouldn't interpret the DNA to require it.

What would make me think about this differently? If you were dealing with a
25/25 match, that would catch my attention. Or if you found really rare
matching values on a single marker or set of markers (like 15,15 at 385a,b,
to use an example that has been in my mind recently), that might be enough
to override my suspicion of a weak correlation across the entire marker

Maybe there is something in what you have found, but don't discount
randomness as an explanation.

David Wilson

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Subject: [DNA] Help me figure out what happened here

I had a guy join my McWhirter Project named Ingram, and I assumed it was to
check his mtdna, which carried McWhorter. He did check his mtdna, along with
his Y. But it is far more complicated than that, upon seeing the 25

His Ydna is a 21/25 match with my brother's Ydna...but the McWhorter name
from his maternal line!

The 2 participants are # 34128 and #16135 at

My brother's male line goes back MCWHIRTER at least into Ulster in 1785
our Samuel McWhirter was born.

However, Mr. Ingram's line goes like this:

Ingram 1960

Ingram 1895, whose wife was a Thompson

Now this Thompson female was the child of a John Thompson male and a Hooks

The above John Thompson was the child of Elizabeth McWhorter (1840 and
Jordan Thompson

Eliz McWhorter was the dau of John C. McWhorter -1805

John C. McWhorter was the son of Aaron McW 1777, who was the son of George
McWhorter (1735)

WHAAA Happened here? and why do we have a 21/25 match with my McWhirter
line that goes back to N. Ireland as McWhirter?

Amy McWhirter Hutton
McWh*rter DNA Project

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