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Subject: Re: Re: [DNA] newbie question
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I have nothing to base it on, but I would think a 33/37 match, even wthout the same surname, would be
significant. And several of these would at least give you a good indication of where your people were at
some point in time. But, I could be way off base.


> From: Robert Davenport <>
> Date: 2005/06/16 Thu PM 12:43:58 EDT
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> Subject: Re: [DNA] newbie question
> I found this disappointing little quote on one of the websites:
> "The importance of haplogroups for genealogists lies in the fact that you
> will share many marker values with anyone else who belongs to the same
> haplogroup. The tables below gives the modal haplotypes for the three most
> common haplogroups. Half of the men in R1b will match at 18 or more markers
> with the 25 marker modal R1b haplotype shown in the table below. Therefore
> the uniqueness of your paternal line's Y-chromosome signature is contained
> in the markers where you differ from your haplogroup's most common alleles.
> Having these differences scattered among 25 markers allows enough possible
> variations to make the Y-chromosome signature of each paternal line unique
> from most all other lines in a haplogroup."
> What I take from this little snippet is that you have to have at least a
> 33/37 marker test to really mean anything, and you need only concern
> yourself with matches in the same surname.
> Beyond that, it looks like most R1b matches are either going to be really
> ancient matches, or just coincidence.
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