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From: "Collard" <>
Subject: MacDonald comparision to Cockerham
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:38:48 -0400
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About three years ago, I found out that my father was Cockerham not Cochran.
His DNa results for Cockerham will be back the beginning of July, and in the
mean time I am trying to educate myself.

A few days ago on this list, an individual reported her father's alleles for
MacDonald. When I compare them to the results of others who have tested for
the surname Cockerham, the results to me don't seem so far off. I need some
a little more understanding of what that could mean. I am not sure if I am
trying to use a Ford part on a Chevy?

Out of 25 markers 5 numbers are one digit off. Although they look very
close, are they really worlds apart?

Do the numbers that match from these two different lines mean anything?

Is there more weight given to certain DYS numbers to draw a conclusion?
Were they related at some time?
Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you very much
Tammy Lynn Collard

The alleles of MacDonald Father:

(#)= Cockerham difference



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