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From: Mary Jo Neyer <>
Subject: I1a
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 15:25:27 -0400

Thank you, Ken, for your explanation. My husband fits the Anglo-Saxon
model you describe, with values of 14,22 at DYS19,390. We do not have a
value for 462. I do know we have had many matches with English lines,
and have wondered whether this was because more people in Great Britain
are interested in genealogy than people in Germany. We have also
wondered if the statistics are skewed because not many families in
Germany have chosen to be tested.
I do know that when we visited this area of northern Germany 5 years
ago, the shape of the roofs of houses with the design of a deer skull at
the top of the roof over the entry way was something we saw everywhere.
It was a design which I previously would have said was unique to
Scandinavia. The language spoken in those parts before the control of
the Prussians was a form of Plattdeutsch.
Thank you. Mary Jo

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