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Subject: Re: Inappropriate was Re: [DNA] Campbell DNA Project Speaks Up
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 14:18:49 -0700
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Lay off the Mexican People!
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Subject: Re: Inappropriate was Re: [DNA] Campbell DNA Project Speaks Up

Inappropriate - yes, even if done tongue-in-cheek; however, the
Hispanic/U.S. citizen population along the border uses much more derrogatory
terms - try a word starting with "pen...". They are more concerned than the
"Anglo" population as it is they who are being undercut in the job market.
Illegal is illegal. There's no way to sugar coat it, and it's costing us
law abiding citizens big bucks.

If you wish to continue this exchange off the list, please do.

Cliff. Johnston
"May the best you've ever seen,
Be the worst you'll ever see;"
from A Scots Toast by Robert Burns
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Subject: Inappropriate was Re: [DNA] Campbell DNA Project Speaks Up

> Are you simply ignorant or insensitive? Your unamusing anecdotes of your
> day and your racial insults are offensive to all the Hispanic
> Administrators and Hispanic readers on this List. Why don't you think
> before you speak? Better yet, don't speak.
> Dra. Ana Oquendo Pabón, MD, FAAFP
> Co Administrator of the Puerto Rican DNA Geographic Project
> Administrator of the Ayala, Dávila, Correa, Matos, Colón, Manuel, Cano and
> other Surname Projects
> CJMax wrote:
>> Peter,
>> Here in Texas we've got loads of some of the biggest tanks ever made, and
>> most are collecting dust between joy rides (aka: military exercises)
>> while thousands of illegal immigrants flood across out Texas/Mexican
>> border driving up our costs of medical treatment, automobile insurance,
>> theft insurance, etc...
>>> From the land of the free, and home of the International Wetback
>> Association,
>> Cliff. Johnston
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