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From: "Joe Fox" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] missing marker
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 16:40:01 -0700
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This is the break I've been waiting for. I have 5 Foxes who have the null
result at DYS439. There are also 9 Littles, 2 Atkins and one Vines that I
know of that have had this experience. Yes, FTDNA reports a value of 12
since that fits their correlations but it is really a null value and is very
significant. We have recently found that the Sorenson lab does not get this
result since they use a different primer. Would like to exchange
information with you off-list.

This is highly significant and probably is the result of an SNP next to the

Joe Fox
Lafayette, CA
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> Ken,
> Yes, it is a fairly typical R1b. I believe their database required some
> kind of entry in each field in order to be accepted. If the field was left
> blank, it would be rejected as an error.
> Bill
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> Without some clear explanation, the assignment of a "24" for a missing
> marker seems weird to say the least. What are they guessing if the
> is missing? Sounds like they are inventing. I suppose the rest of the
> haplotype looks rather R1b so Atlantic modal "24" is invented to fill the
> hole? But to what end or purpose? Same goes for DYs439 --- why invent a
> value if no value exists or can be measured?
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