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Subject: Re: [DNA] DYS462, 643, and others
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 02:48:03 EDT

In a message dated 6/16/2005 9:37:31 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,

In the meantime, I hope anyone else who's
noticed this marker will let us know what they've seen.

DYS643 was one of the markers I had tested for my husband and brother, along
with 385(K)DYS463 & GATA C4 on the first batch of Biotix orders. I have not
had the majority portion of their DNA done yet, Interestingly enough, I
compared their results on these three to other folks in the batch, and I was
able to call them both as R1b on the basis of 643 & 385(K). (I predicted such
to Thomas who had other markers to look at in the lab). R1b seems to be
almost consistently 10 on this marker or perhaps 10/11. I's seem to be 12/13 and
I have too little data on other haplogroups yet to tell but it does appear
this may be a useful marker on sorting haplogroups, although the only J2's I
have gotten back are 9 on this marker. G & e3b may also be 12/13, which may be
less useful, although it may be that in combination with the Kittler order,
these will sort themselves out as well. I'd love to see more folks with the
less common haplogroups test this marker, especially along with the Kittler


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