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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: Re: SNP'd I (was Re: [DNA] sub rugrat level)
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 10:52:45 -0400

Phil wrote:

> See my June 10 post below where I think I found a SNP-tested result
> similar
> to Glen Todd's result.

Ken wrote:

> Phil, I think I looked through that message and examples. Many haplotypes
> have haplogroup labels by owner estimate or assignment by testing company.
> Those don't count; they are often wrong in the tough cases. Just yesterday
> someone presented a "classic" I1c assigned I1b by FTDNA according to its
> owner.
> We need haplogroup designation by confirmed SNP test.

Ken, I looked at the example Phil cited from the Daniel project. They
have shown the SNP-tested haplogroup designations in green and those
merely assigned in red. Kit 6266, which he mentioned, is green, and it
matches with a group of other kits, one of which has been tested out to
37 markers and has the 19,19 at YCAII. I think this is a keeper. Of
course it isn't a major breakthrough to see that it's in haplogroup I,
but it's nice to see anyway.

Bonnie Schrack

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