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Subject: RE: [DNA] What additional tests do I need?
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 18:14:57 -0400


A couple of thoughts:

I ran the eight values you have through Ysearch. There are only 11 exact
matches for them, and you get just under 100 hits if you accept a genetic
distance of 1 in the returns. Not one of the returned records carries one
of the three surnames that particularly interest you.

In general, it takes both a surname and a lot of markers in common to make
a good case for relatedness. For that reason, if you decide to test
further, I suggest that you consider not less than a 25 marker test and
maybe even a 37-marker test. There's a company in England that will test 43
markers for a reasonable price, and that might be worth looking into.

I would ordinarily caution people against looking for matches without a
surname in mind. There are such things as random matches, even when lots of
markers are being compared. I know that African American genealogy offers
challenges and that broader research approaches are sometimes warranted,
but please bear in mind the statistics of this kind of search. I'd hate for
you to be tempted by an apparent connection that might lead in the wrong

It wasn't clear to me whether you were specifically focusing on your
father's European ancestors or whether you were looking at his African
American ancestry in general. If the latter, and if his mother is African
American, there is a chance to get a line on the Y-DNA in that family by
testing your father's father-in-law or brother-in-law, or one of his
mother's male-descended cousins.

If the former, I think your next step involves testing for additional
markers. I wouldn't even look at a 12-marker test. You already have values
for several of the markers that come with that panel. Go straight for 25
markers or even more. If money is an object, remember that you can start
with 25 and add more markers later if there is clear reason to do so.

David Wilson

Original Message:
From: B.J. Smothers
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 17:33:40 -0400
Subject: [DNA] What additional tests do I need?

My father is African American. I tested his DNA with African Ancestry and
the results for his Y-DNA matched European samples found in Germany and
England. While this is not a surprise, I'm not sure what the next step is.
I am trying to find a possible match with surnames Norris, M(a)cMillan or
Mixon from Alabama based on our research, or with any other surnames not
known to us. The African Ancestry results for the NRY Polymorphisms for 8
markers were:

13 -- DYS388
13 -- DYS389-1
31 -- DYS 389-2
23 -- DYS390
10 -- DYS391
12 -- DYS392
15 -- DYS393
15 -- DYS394

Is this enough info to obtain a match, say, through the Ysearch database or
does he need to take a 12 marker or 25 marker test? He's also taken the
AncestrybyDNA 2.5 test.



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