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Jamie and Peter,

I am finding this discussion quite interesting. I just wanted to make a
comment. Kirkpatrick is a recognized Sept of Clan Douglas which also claims
Glendinning as a Sept. I have also seen Kirkpatrick associated with the
House of Colquhoun. The ancestral seat for Kirkpatrick is at Closeburne.

The Glendinnings (Glendowyn) married into the Douglas (Black) family which
had connections to the Stewart and Bruce families. The primary branch of
Glendinnings were seated at Parton in Kirkcudbrightshire. Other branches of
the Glendinnings were located at Langholm in Dumfriesshire.

The Clendenin/Glendinning project has 29 members, all but four of whom have
been classified as R1b. The other four are I1a. One of these has been SNP
tested as P25+. The I1a was identified through Whit's predictor). The
majority of the R1bs are WAMH although there are some who are not WAMH.

Just my two cents worth.


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> Thanks , E3B, what could be the possible origin of that? You are right,
> Kil and Kirk both mean 'church' as far as I'm aware. There are several
> areas in Dumfrieshire called Kirkpatrick something or other , such as
> Kirkpatrick-Juxta.
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