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Subject: DYS459a/b
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 03:36:54 +0000


I received three new results in the Goff Surname DNA Study from DNA Heritage, all of which are focused on Goff families in NC/TN. One result (descendant of James E. Goff b. 1805 NC) is a 23/25 match with a descendant of Stephen Goff (1742CT-1799NC). See for details of the Stephen Goff haplotype. DYS 459a and DSY459b are the mistmatched markers. The values are 9/10 for the Stephen Goff descendant, who was tested by FTDNA, and 10/9 for the James E. Goff descendant, who was tested by DNAH.

I've searched the List archives and can't find whether there is a convention at FTDNA to report 459 as low/high, much like 464. If so, this increases the chance that this is really a 25/25 match. With a surname match and North Carolina in common, a 25/25 match would seem to indicate a close genealogical relationship between Stephen Goff and James E. Goff, who are not otherwise known to be related.

Does anyone know if FTDNA reports all 459 values as low/high? Thanks,

Phil Goff

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