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From: "Doug Turner" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] tracing maternal grandfather....
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 01:07:23 -0500
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It would be interesting in the following scenario from my perspective to
test your mother's father so ascertain his matches, and so more about his

There is no test that I am aware of for his DNA that would connect to you.
Your mtDNA can only connect to your mother's mother's mother and so on.

Only your husband's test will connect to your own sons (or a test of his
father). Your mother's father's test will not connect to you or your sons.
Your mother's father's test will connect to your mother's brothers if there
are such, and also to your mother's brothers' sons if there are such.

We certainly are part of all of our ancestors. Our personality, physical
traits, inherited abilities and disabilities some from the spectrum of our
ancestors, but our Y DNA and mtDNA are more limited.

Others in the group may suggest a new test regarding your grandfather that I

Interesting question.

Doug Turner

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Subject: [DNA] tracing maternal grandfather....

> Since Y DNA follows your father's line and MTDNA follows your mother's
line....does DNA also show a genetic relationship to your
> mother's father? I don't need to prove this, I am just asking because it
seems obvious to me that "we" are a result of our Maternal
> Grandparents as well... Or aren't we?
> Let's say I am female, and my mother is deceased, but her father is there a test that would show a relationship of my
> grandfather on her side, to connect to me? Or a relationship to connect
to my sons?
> Just curious...if it is too involved, perhaps someone could point me to an
online article I could read.
> Sincerely, Di
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