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Subject: Re: [DNA] tracing maternal grandfather....
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 06:31:29 -0600
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Your mother's father could be tested for mtDNA or yDNA markers, but they
would not have been transmitted to either you or your siblings of either

But all the other chromosomes you received would have had contributions from
him. So for the bulk of your genetic inheritance he has contributed just
like the other three grandparents. The yDNA and mtDNA are used as
genealogical genetic markers precisely because their transmission through
the many generations is so much simpler than the other chromosomes. They
pass in each respective case only father to son for yDNA and mother to
children for mtDNA.

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Subject: [DNA] tracing maternal grandfather....

> Since Y DNA follows your father's line and MTDNA follows your mother's
line....does DNA also show a genetic relationship to your
> mother's father? I don't need to prove this, I am just asking because it
seems obvious to me that "we" are a result of our Maternal
> Grandparents as well... Or aren't we?
> Let's say I am female, and my mother is deceased, but her father is there a test that would show a relationship of my
> grandfather on her side, to connect to me? Or a relationship to connect
to my sons?
> Just curious...if it is too involved, perhaps someone could point me to an
online article I could read.
> Sincerely, Di
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