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Your haplotype looks I1a of the AngloSaxon variety. I doubt it is Viking
(but lots of AngloSaxon haplotypes got to southern Sweden). The testing
company keeps promoting an out-dated perspective on haplogroup I.

459a,b = 8,9 is the normal and dominant set of values for I1a. Proof of I1a
would be DYS455 = 8. If you are most common Anglo-Saxon you would have
13,14 at 385a,b.

19,21 at YCAIIa,b and 14 at DYS388 are also marks of I1a along with your
other markers.

With AngloSaxon I1a you should have many matches if you do not put all 37
markers including the fast mutators into the search machine. You probably
have a very strange marker value here or there to reduce the number of
matches or near matches.

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I'm very interested in DNA genealogy but I find much of the discussion on
this listserve a little too technical.

Our surname is WISE but the only perfect 24 marker matches we've found so
are IRELANDs from Scotland. However, I paid for the 37 marker test and they
did not; we've had no matches at 37.

These are our results for certain DYS#/Alleles one source says indicate
Viking lineage through Western Europe into England: 393/13; 390/22; 19*/14;
391/10; 389i/ii is 12/28; 392/11.

Our Haplogroup is I and we were told that my brother's results indicate a
fair fit with I1a (48) and/or J2 (23). The ordering for 459a/b is 8/9
if I'm reading your information correctly, that would only be important if
were I1b…

At any rate, is there anything I should do at this point other than wait for
more subjects to have the 37 marker test?


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