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Subject: Re: [DNA] Strathclyde British haplotype
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 13:54:52 EDT

Re: McWhirter being Brythionic. That's what I thought. I know the history
of the name and it was first given to a man in Carrick by the king-the name of
whom I'd have to look up in my files.

In our DNA study we have a very strong I2 line who can all trace their lines
to Maybole.

Then we have the R1b's and the one E3b.

My own line is the Frisian type with the 23 at 390. I am 90% sure that
this line connects to a McWhirter who lived in Edinburgh in the 1600's. Most of
the R1bs seem to have come from Scotland into Ulster at the time of the
plantation. From there they came to North America.

The "I2" group seems to have been very prolific. I guess the are of
Dalriadic origin.

I was also thinking that the Frisian R1b MacWhirter name might be Brythionic
as nearly all the matches to my brother's YDNA sound like THEY are. (Ozment,
Dover, Shields, Crain, Brewer, Hudson)

The I2 group-the ones who have tested 25 markers, have matches that are:
Green, Malone, Gillespie, Quin, Ferguson and McReynolds.

The E3 gentleman in the study I imagine was descended from maybe a Roman
solider at the wall? Yes, I know that is only one explanation.

I'd like to be able to prove (yeah, sure) which branch was the original
MCWhirter branch that was granted the name.

Amy McWhirter Hutton

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