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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] I1a question
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:36:42 -0600
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Your 15/22 guy only has 12 markers has far as I can see? I am 15/22 and
earliest paternal ancestor is southern Norway 1741. Highest frequency of
15/22 I1a is actually Eastern Norway according to YHRD and pedigree hits I
have seen. But 15/22 I1a is seen in decent amounts in Germany, Denmark, and
Netherlands as well. It's an old spin-off from AngloSaxon I1a from an era
which pre-dates migrations into Norway and Sweden. But clearly a lot of it
got up to the Norway/Sweden borderlands as well.

14/23/14/14 guy is Norse I1a. I think it a long shot those two are related
unless there are more markers measured for the 15/22 guy which you have not
put in the website.

The 9,9 group at 459a,b is I1b. I1b shows so much sub-population clustering
we are still not done in isolating and identifying them all. 9,9 is not the
modal for I1b; it is 8,10 or 8,9. I have not seen a big enough population
of 9,9 I1b to know if it is a cluster or whether such values are more recent
"private" mutations.

Let me know if you are hiding more marker results for the 15/22 I1a guy?

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Subject: Re: [DNA] I1a question

> --- Ken Nordtvedt <> wrote:
> Viking I1a 14,23 at DYS19,390 w 385a,b being
> > 14,14 or 14,15.
> > I1a most likely "Anglo-Saxon" I1a with 14,22
> > or 15,22 at DYS19,390. It will most probably have
> > 12 at DYS462.
> Ken -
> Did you ever get a chance to look at my Wallace page.
> I have two guys that match in all but 19,390 (25
> markers). on is 14,23 the other 15,22. It almost
> seems like they should be from the same line since
> they are 23/25 but following your logic they would be
> from two different area lines (one would be Viking the
> other Anglo-Saxon)?
> Also I have a few 16,23 with 9,9 (459a/b)
> (and one Wallace with 25/25 with a Griggs!(R1a))
> (dang these Wallace lines anyway :) :) :)
> Any comment would be appreciated.
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