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Subject: Correction: E3b2, not E3b1-beta
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:42:18 -0400

More than once in the last couple of weeks I have mentioned an ancestor who
belonged to haplogroup E3b1-beta. After a closer reading of the Bosch and
Cruciani papers, I realize that I had misunderstood the haplogroup
distinctions. My ancestor appears to have been an E3b2.

I am talking about John Tolliver (or Toliver) who was born in NC about
1785. If a lab exists that will undertake a SNP test for M81, and given my
record of confusion on this issue, I may try to talk one of his patrilineal
descendants into testing just to confirm my current understanding of the
haplogroup to which he belonged.

This would still be a distinction without much of a difference, culturally
and historically speaking. E3b1-beta and E3b2 are both closely associated
with Berber populations in Northern Africa. I am presuming, as Bosch did in
2001, that E3b2 would have entered Europe during the eight-century Moorish
presence in Iberia, and that E3b1-beta could have hopscotched from Tunisia
to Malta to Sicily and Southern Europe, where Cruciani found his only
European exemplars of the M78-beta cluster.

David Wilson

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