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Subject: Surname Tolliver
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 22:24:02 EDT

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Are you aware that TOLLIVER in many parts of the south is a distorted
form of the Italian name TALIAFERRO? The first Taliaferro of whom I am
aware was in colonial Virginia; he was an Italian Protestant.
Mary Jo Neyer
As further info re Taliaferro, etc., the family immigrated to America from
England where it was existing in the 1500s. My interest in it only comes from
a Taliaferro-Wingfield marriage ca. 1690. One Martha Wingfield died in
Boston, MA, ca 1709 where she made her will, and named her daughter Sarah (?)
Taliaferro in Virginia. There were also Taliaferro grandchildren of Martha in
Virginia. Martha had with her at the time of her death a large fortune in

One Taliaferro family website is at

Lee Preston, President, Wingfield Family Society

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