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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup F*
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 20:09:57 -0600
References: <021801c5778f$c5eeaff0$6401a8c0@whit>

The one very unusual haplotype I find in the Owen Ysearch collection has the
388 = 15, and 392, 393 = 12,12

One of these is called "F" in Ysearch. But J has DYS388 values all over the
map, so I suppose it could be J? Whit or David, can you indicate which of
these alleged F haplotypes has the strongest case for that assignment based
on SNP tests? Just because someone calls it a F does not make it a F.
(Somehow "an" sounds better before "F", but that's not the rule!) Ken

The Owen
> who looked like a J2 looks nothing like my own haplotype (I'm very likely
> also, but need to check one more slim possibility--in process), and
> of us is similar to the Bell F* (take a look at 9FF4V). However, it is
> possible that we may have something in common--that's why I'd like to see
> some more examples.
> Whit

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