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Subject: DYS385=15,15 was RE: [DNA] Uncertain Haplotype
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 05:38:06 +0200
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Hi David

This seems a good cue to mention to the list that the website for our little
group now includes more 37 marker test, showing that the guessed at
closeness continues when you look at more markers. For example I think it
has a better chance of eventually helping our Beattys to solve their family
mystery. See

Also I note that even excluding the 385 values, this is a 25/10/13 R1b
haplotype, and though not super rare this for example is not one of the ones
Joan includes in her main ones.


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Subject: RE: [DNA] Uncertain Haplotype

I'm sort of in between on this question. If close matches are seen between
individuals with different surnames, I am not much impressed if the
matching haplotypes consist mostly of modal or frequently seen values.

But if a haplotype set that reflects different surnames also manifests some
unusual marker values, like Andrew Lancaster's R1b cluster that has 15,15
at DYS385 and some other off-modal values, that makes me think there is a
fairly recent common ancestor despite the differing surnames.

"Fairly recent" is used loosely. I intend the phrase to mean up to several
centuries ago -- possibly even before the adoption of surnames.

David Wilson

>Robert Stafford said Wednesday, June 22, 2005

>Unless there is a family tradition of a non-paternity event, there really
isn't much reason to look for matches with other surnames until testing
confirms a non-paternity event.


This participant says he hasn't found any close matches on Y Search, much
less with any other Clarks.


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