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From: ahunt <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Turnaround time
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 08:14:30 -0700
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I dont think mtDNA has to be assigned to a group by FTDNA they only
promise to get your results. They did however started reassigning folks
they had assigned to a group to another group in April. Personally well
not in your case signed GenoProject only does HRV1 will help you find
your group. But in your case all your mutation are in HRV2.

As a sidenote to pushing us out of way. I had a rerun on a 26-37 marker
panel at FTDNA on 6/7/05 pushed to 6/28/05 and it was made available on
6/21/05 a week in advance.

Margaret Smith wrote:

> I posted some time back (4/22/05) that I was waiting for FTDNA to
> assign a haplotype to my mtDNA results. Since then they have changed
> my results page to indicate that "[w]e have not yet been able to
> assign your results to a Haplogroup. If we cannot determine your
> Haplogroup this week, we will do more testing, at no charge to you, to
> make the determination. Your patience is appreciated."
> It has been that way for some time now, and my patience is about to
> run out. I am starting to agree with those who believe the Genographic
> Project is pushing everything else aside! The original reply from
> FTDNA on 4/22 was that they would be "fixing a bug" in their system
> the following week. That either didn't happen or was unrelated to the
> problem with assigning the haplotype group.
> Anyone here with suggestions? The differences from the CRS are as
> follows:
> HVR1:
> 16223T
> 16519C
> HVR2:
> 73G
> 143A
> 189G
> 192C
> 194T
> 195C
> 196C
> 204C
> 207A
> 263G
> 315.1C
> Margaret Lindsey Smith, whose maternal line goes back as follows:
> Patterson
> Dean
> Dillard
> Briley
> Revell
> ???
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