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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Turnaround time
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 13:48:26 -0400
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I ordered a haplogroup N SNP test from FTDNA for one of my project
participants on 14 June 2005 and received the results early this week.
That is only five weeks. The test was positive for haplogroup N and
reported as LLY22+. Two years ago a SNP test sometimes took six months
or more to get done.

I was quite surprised by the quicker turn around time for SNP tests this
year. I think FTDNA is doing a lot more SNP tests to support the
National Geographic Genographic Project and thus it would appear they
have increased their through-put capabilities for SNP tests.

I also received several Y-DNA YSTR 37 marker test results this week. All
were on time or ahead of the estimated schedule date posted in the
participant's page. From my personal experience as of this time,
FamilyTreeDNA is doing quite well in turn around time.

Charles Kerchner

Dale E. Reddick wrote:
> Hey Glen,
> Not too bad, so far.
> Try mine - I'm still waiting for the results of my first SNP test. My
> due date for test results was over two months ago.
> Dale

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