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From: "Jim Bullock" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Tolliver/Taliaferro
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 12:48:54 -0600
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I have received several private messages asking why the Melungeon project is
being criticized. The gist of my replies has been that some of the pseudo
science that has nothing to do with DNA studies is off-topic but that they
are welcome to post any DNA findings that relate to their Melungeon studies.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Tolliver/Taliaferro

> Message on MELUNGEON-KIN:

Oh, please! We are not going to discuss Melungeons again, are we? If so, I
may unsubscribe for the duration. I don't think I can taliarate that. If we
do, Jim, just put everybody on moderation and get it over with.

Bill Hurst

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