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Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup F*
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 00:11:51 EDT

Perhaps this what FTDNA does in most cases. I have "I1a1" in my haplogroup
page, citing P40+. Do any other of our "I" Listers have this with FTDNA? Ken
& I had Trace Genetic's more detailed results before I got my SNP result from

Meanwhile, the I YCC tree still looks muddled: we've seen very few or none
of I1a2, I1a3, I1a4, and P95? appears in the I1d, I2b & I3 branches, and
appears nowhere without the "?" suffix.

I agree, hopefully David Faux will help clarify this with some copious
downstream testing in "I".

Mike ...

In a message dated 6/23/2005 8:32:01 PM Pacific Standard Time,

Well, I'm talking downstream. I presume that what they're doing right now
is P19, and I'm more or less expecting them to return (sometime) P19+. If
I'm reading correctly the 'I' section of the chart that somebody posted a
link to yesterday, there are potentially as many as four more levels to
check all the currently defined possibilities. That could be as many as
six tests, depending on how I trade off speed/cost (which depends in large
part on when I get back to work.)

> Right now FTDNA will test for P19 to establish "I" and then
> P37 to establish I1b.

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