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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup F*
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 07:46:25 -0600
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Most of us are not biologists or geneticists, which I think helps the field
by bringing in fresh perspectives on things. Now I understand your logic in
the I1a connection; the over lap of the area of hits. But just keep in mind
the clear biases in the databases Ysearch and Sorenson. Ysearch is
extremely overloaded with contributions from British Isles descendants.
Sorenson has a stronger continental contribution, but it is also biased
toward Scandinavia and (northern) Germany, although I see more and more
Eastern Europe contributions to Sorenson show up as time goes by. Ix is a
small group! That nothing has shown up in Eastern Europe could just be
statistics given the small numbers of database contributions from that area.
What struck me from Sorenson hits for Ix was nothing from Norway or Sweden
and only one from Denmark.

"Western I1b with DYS388 = 15" seems to have leaked along the Baltic/North
Sea coasts to a greater degree than Ix.

Anyway, Ix is surely exotic, and as soon as David Faux is back home and in
business I hope we can convince some Ix folks to do some key tests.

> > I read Faux's stuff on I1a and don't see what there leads
> > you to suspect Ix = I1a?
> Only the Danish/German connection. He did mention a high Continental
> incidence, and the pattern of hits that I've been seeing (and which I
> believe that you mentioned in one of your early notes to Bonnie) seems
> consistent with some fairly well established historical population
> movements. And I didn't say that I thought that Ix EQUALED I1a, only
> the evidence so far inclined me to speculate on a connection. (And I
> chose the phraseology that I did very carefully.) I'm by no means a
> geneticist (and college biology was a very long time ago), but I am a bit
> familiar with historical population movements in that part of the world,
> I tend to do a bit of looking in that direction.

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