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From: "Peter A. Kincaid" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup F*
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 19:40:11 -0300
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>So I took Capelli and counted R1b, I, and R1a. I assumed the I and R1a was
>not indigenous or pre-Roman. I further assumed that one continental R1b was
>brought to British Isles for every two of the sum of I and R1a (i.e. 1/3 R1b
>for the average invading populations). This sort of averages Norway,
>Denmark, and Anglo-SAxony compositions.

One has to also keep in mind that 1) for about 400 years Britain was a
Roman province (ie. somewhat of an open border with the rest of the
empire - including the east) and 2) tribes from Ireland (not just Dalriadia)
invaded as well.

It is a shame that the Capelli's census of the British Isles was void of
samples from that part of Scotland inhabited by the Strathclyde
Britains, It is perhaps the only part of the island that had the least
impact (in terms of permanent settlement) by invaders prior to the
arrival of the Normans.

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