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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: Genographic Project Y-12 Results
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 01:05:43 -0400

Hi Jim,

You wrote:

> My grandfather on my father's side was born and raised in Sicily
> before emigrating to the US. He spoke Italian and always considered
> himself to be Sicilian. If I'm understanding the various studies
> correctly, E3b/M35 is rarely found in Europe. Could it be that I'm
> actually in one of the subgroups of E3b, and the Genographic Project
> and its test simply isn't making that level of distinction? Is there
> any further test I can take that would definitively nail down the
> exact subgroup I'm in?

I suspect you'll receive many replies to your query. Just to give you
something very quick, they are only going to give you the basic levels
of distinction in the Genographic Project, at this point, and anyway,
with only 12 markers, it can be tricky to do a lot more than that.
However, our E3b experts such as Ellen Coffman may be able to give you
an estimate of your clade (subgroup).

Some clades of E3b are not at all uncommon in Europe, and if there is
anywhere E3b clades would be extremely typical, it would be Sicily. You
have a perfectly Sicilian result.

We are awaiting the availability of more direct tests for the SNP
markers that define the specific clades. A list member, David Faux, is
starting a company to do just that.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do if you're interested in
refining the estimate of your haplogroup, would be to have more markers
tested by one of the other companies. Have as many done as you can
afford, and these results will help us give you the best estimates of
which group you belong to, and which families you are most closely
related to.

There are other southern Italian families who have had DNA tests, which
you might want to check out. Especially Louis Loccisano, who has tested
not just one, but all of his eight grandparents lines, many of whom were
from Calabria. He has at least one E3b line. You can read about some of
the results here:
If you write to Louis, he'll tell you more about his results.

Best of luck with your family history research! Good to have you on
board, and I hope you stick around,


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