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From: "Peter A. Kincaid" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] "Indigenous, etc."
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 08:08:44 -0300
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Well this subject is drifting to a rapid end. As noted
below I said "most North Americans" not "all North
Americans" nor not "all North Americans of aboriginal/
native/indigenous ancestry." I also said "the terms that
represent the first settlers" which was not limited to the
terms aboriginal/native/indigenous. I was stating that
for the most part Indian is now seen as a derogatory
term. These people never did have a connection to India
and the focus now is to change this. In my neck of the
woods the preferred terms appear to be "First nations" and
"First people.". I do appreciate your comment that some
still do like being called Indian.

Best wishes!


At 01:12 AM 25/06/2005, you wrote:
>I'll spare everyone a response to your last desparate post. However,
>amid the obfuscation, you wrote:
>"Most North Americans are just getting around to the terms that
>represent the first settlers here instead of using the now derogatory
>term Indian."
>I have several American Indian friends and know many others. ALL of
>them call themselves "Indians," by preference, and pretty much dislike
>the term, "Native American." So, you might want to re-think this one,
>Ray Whritenour
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