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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic Project Y-12 Results
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 07:19:23 -0600
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Jim, You also should look into They have a database with over 100
regional populations from different places in Europe --- and one of the
regions is Sicily. You can ask the site for the 20 most common haplotypes
found in Sicily, and/or look for matches or near matches to your haplotype.
It is perfect for looking for broadly defined haplotypes because they use so
few markers.

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Subject: [DNA] Genographic Project Y-12 Results

> Hi Jim,
> You wrote:
> > My grandfather on my father's side was born and raised in Sicily
> > before emigrating to the US. He spoke Italian and always considered
> > himself to be Sicilian. If I'm understanding the various studies
> > correctly, E3b/M35 is rarely found in Europe. Could it be that I'm
> > actually in one of the subgroups of E3b, and the Genographic Project
> > and its test simply isn't making that level of distinction? Is there
> > any further test I can take that would definitively nail down the
> > exact subgroup I'm in?
> I suspect you'll receive many replies to your query. Just to give you
> something very quick, they are only going to give you the basic levels
> of distinction in the Genographic Project, at this point, and anyway,
> with only 12 markers, it can be tricky to do a lot more than that.
> However, our E3b experts such as Ellen Coffman may be able to give you
> an estimate of your clade (subgroup).
> Some clades of E3b are not at all uncommon in Europe, and if there is
> anywhere E3b clades would be extremely typical, it would be Sicily. You
> have a perfectly Sicilian result.
> We are awaiting the availability of more direct tests for the SNP
> markers that define the specific clades. A list member, David Faux, is
> starting a company to do just that.
> In the meantime, the best thing you can do if you're interested in
> refining the estimate of your haplogroup, would be to have more markers
> tested by one of the other companies. Have as many done as you can
> afford, and these results will help us give you the best estimates of
> which group you belong to, and which families you are most closely
> related to.
> There are other southern Italian families who have had DNA tests, which
> you might want to check out. Especially Louis Loccisano, who has tested
> not just one, but all of his eight grandparents lines, many of whom were
> from Calabria. He has at least one E3b line. You can read about some of
> the results here:
> If you write to Louis, he'll tell you more about his results.
> Best of luck with your family history research! Good to have you on
> board, and I hope you stick around,
> Bonnie
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