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From: Mary Jo Neyer <>
Subject: burial concurrent with Stonehenge
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 20:49:45 -0400

I watched the Internation History Channel the other night. They have a
very interesting show every Wednesday called MEET THE ANCESTORS which
does DNA and facial reconstructions of bones found at various
archaelogical sites in Britain. This past Wednesday, for example, they
did a reconstruction of a Saxon woman. She had a cleft in her chin which
I have often seen in Germanic peoples. The show is very interesting.
They can analyze a chemical in the teeth of skeletons to determine where
the people had lived.
A very elaborate burial was found near Stonehenge which dated to the
approximate time period of its construction. What was surprising to me
anyway was that the adult male, who was buried with elaborate grave
goods, was determined to have been born and to have lived the first
years of his life in the region of the Alps! So there was international
travel going on even then! Mary Jo

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