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From: "David Wilson" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Help with test results
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 22:59:52 -0700
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Interesting results. The four differences you report in HVR2 are among the
most frequently found differences in that region. But the single difference
in HVR1 is among the rarest.

Before the recent match was reported to you, the mitosearch data base had
only one other instance of a mutation at 16269G -- but that one was
accompanied by four other HVR1 differences as well.

This situation suggests to me that in your case the difference you share
with the recently reported match could have been a fairly recent independent
mutation that is unrelated to the other 16269C that appears in company with
other differences. "Recent" in this context could still amount to dozens of
generations, so it may not actually help establish a connection in
genealogical time. But I believe it would be worth it for the other person
to test HVR2 as well to see if you both share the common matches there in
addition to the match on a rare difference in HVR1.

David Wilson

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Subject: [DNA] Help with test results

A couple of months ago I received the results of my mtDNA test and there
were no matches. Here are my results:
HVR1 Haplogroup H
HVR1 differences from CRS 16269G
HVR2 differences from CRS 263G; 309.1C; 309.2C; 315.1C

This week I was contacted that there was a low resolution match. I was told
we matched 100% at the HVR1 level. How close a relationship would this be?
The other person did not do HVR2 testing. I am having the subclade test but
will not know the results of that test for a while.

Although I have been researching my family for over 25 years I am a novice
at DNA genealogy and would appreciate some help in understanding the
relationship of the two DNA samples at the HVR1 level. What would the
relationship be at the HVR2 level if there was a 100% match? Thanks.

MM Parker

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