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Subject: RE: [DNA] E3b (WAS: Genographic Project Y-12 Results)
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 10:09:58 +0200
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David, Jim

See Dennis Garvey's page, which would also suggest M78 beta (as you say):

Also, as pointed out in the recent paper about SE Europe, one reason Tunisia
is a hot spot is that it has overlapping E3b types (Balkan, Middle Eastern,
African, NW African). Sicily would certainly be expected to have genetic
similarities to Tunisia. Until quite long into Medieval times, it still had
Arabic speaking populations. It still has Greek speaking populations now.

For your reference, I never checked M81, but FT DNA do not do M78 (only


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Subject: RE: [DNA] E3b (WAS: Genographic Project Y-12 Results)


If you haven't already discovered the links by exploration, Family Tree DNA
has a library of research papers available on their web site. The link is at
the bottom of the right side of their start page.

In their collection is this document, which you may find interesting:


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