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From: "Peter A. Kincaid" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Dane / Davenport
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 10:16:48 -0300
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>Well, we Davenport's were original Danenport, and were Danes that came up
>the river Dane in England and established our fortress.

This is very suspect to me. River names are one of the
slowest to change. Most keep a variant of its ancient
spelling. Cheshire was first British. If Davenport came
from a place on the river of the name then one would
first look to a Brittonic origin for the name. The modern
name Devon, which is similar to Daven, means
black or dark river. In welsh (I am not even close to an
expert in languages) this would be something like Du afon,
or ddu afon.

The family is said to originate in Astbury, near Congleton
in Chesire. This was Mercian country with the Mersey River as its
northern boundary. The bury part of Astbury is certainly Saxon. So
is the port part of Davenport - being a secure market or trading
place. Why would one first think that Daven is Danish when
port is Saxon. The same applies to Davenham with ham
being Saxon. How is Danen equated with Dane? What
does the book "Placenames of Cheshire" say on this?

To me the only thing I have seen that makes a case
for the Davenports being Danish is that it is said that
the first Davenport on record is one Ormus de
Davenport. Ormus is a Scandinavian name. However,
this could have easily come from intermarriages in
an area that would certainly be multicultural.

I am quite curious about the family origins as a
number of your Davenports are not far off the DNA
tree from my Kincaids. Best wishes!


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