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From: Robert Davenport <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Dane / Davenport
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 10:02:36 -0700
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If you send me your email address, I can send you my Davenport DNA chart.

At 06:16 AM 6/26/2005, you wrote:

>>Well, we Davenport's were original Danenport, and were Danes that came up
>>the river Dane in England and established our fortress.
>This is very suspect to me. River names are one of the
>slowest to change. Most keep a variant of its ancient
>spelling. Cheshire was first British. If Davenport came
>from a place on the river of the name then one would
>first look to a Brittonic origin for the name. The modern
>name Devon, which is similar to Daven, means
>black or dark river. In welsh (I am not even close to an
>expert in languages) this would be something like Du afon,
>or ddu afon.
>The family is said to originate in Astbury, near Congleton
>in Chesire. This was Mercian country with the Mersey River as its
>northern boundary. The bury part of Astbury is certainly Saxon. So
>is the port part of Davenport - being a secure market or trading
>place. Why would one first think that Daven is Danish when
>port is Saxon. The same applies to Davenham with ham
>being Saxon. How is Danen equated with Dane? What
>does the book "Placenames of Cheshire" say on this?
>To me the only thing I have seen that makes a case
>for the Davenports being Danish is that it is said that
>the first Davenport on record is one Ormus de
>Davenport. Ormus is a Scandinavian name. However,
>this could have easily come from intermarriages in
>an area that would certainly be multicultural.
>I am quite curious about the family origins as a
>number of your Davenports are not far off the DNA
>tree from my Kincaids. Best wishes!
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