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From: John Carr <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] "Indigenous, etc."
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 12:21:34 -0700
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A note - when you ask others to include a reference for their
statements - probably best to include some when you make your own. I
have no dispute with what you said, but others may have read a
different book then the one we apparently did;-)


John Carr

On Jun 26, 2005, at 10:39 AM, Peter A. Kincaid wrote:

>> The first known and recorded peoples in traditional British history
>> were the
>> Celtic groups (hence Peter's comments).
> If I recall correctly, it is thought that the Beaker people
> represent the first wave of people who have been recently
> labelled Celtic. The people prior to that are considered different.
>> The Gaels are said to have invaded
>> Ireland as the final of several waves. The Scots were are associated
>> with
>> the North of Ireland and the West Coast of what is now Scotland [an
>> area
>> known then as the Kingdom of Dal Riada], the Picts lived in
>> essentially the
>> Highlands of Scotland. Meanwhile down south of Scotland in what is
>> now
>> England and Wales lived other Celtic tribes. This was the state of
>> affairs
>> which greeted the Romans when they successfully invaded in 43AD.
>> They were
>> the first to use the name "Britannia", and this southern mixture of
>> Celts
>> and Romans have become known to history and archaeology as the
>> Romano-British.
> Actually it was the Greeks who first gave it their name - at that
> time Pretannia (after what the natives called themselves - Pretani or
> Priteni).
> [snip]
>> Anglo- Normans & Scotland
>> The Anglo-Normans then tried the same thing with Scotland but
>> generally
>> faired less well than they had in the wars against the Welsh Princes.
>> (my
>> knowledge of Scottish history is not that clear since like Ireland
>> and Wales
>> it has a huge, rich history of its own - there are plenty on this
>> list with
>> reams of knowledge perhaps a potted history of Scotland and Ireland
>> would be
>> of use to people here?) . Scotland eventually ensured its freedom
>> from
>> England through the efforts of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.
>> Scotland developed its own laws and to the present day Scottish law is
>> separate from English Law.
> Scotland was independent prior to William Wallace and
> Robert Bruce - albeit not all the time. In the late 13th century
> Edward I conquered much of Scotland and Wallce and Bruce
> helped to get it back.
> Your hands must have been tired with this post. Thanks for
> your efforts.
> Best wishes!
> Peter
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