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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: SNPs for Haplogroup I
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 22:20:13 EDT

Ken ...

Bullseye! I would like very much to get tested by another lab for M307.
And thanks for summarizing I-testing goals for David.

Mike ...

In a message dated 6/26/2005 5:03:01 PM Pacific Standard Time,

5. Probably Mike Humphrey, and I for sure, would like an independent lab to
test us for M307. We are reported M253+, P30+, P40+, but M307-. This just
does not fit with what the journal articles have been reporting concerning
these "redundant" SNPs.

So there is a robust program of interesting things to do in haplogroup I
with some selected haplotypes and SNPs. Let us know what you can do.

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