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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] P25
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 10:04:23 -0400
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> Now, let me understand something about this SNP called P25. Will it never
> be
> helpful to establish georgraphic origins? David mentions he is M269, and
> that
> is more telling than the P25? Will Familytree DNA look for other SNPs in
> the
> future? I am happy to be R1b, but would like to fine tune.

First, P25, as of the YCC 2005 chart, defines R1b1. R1b is defined by M343;
that's what the Genographic Project uses. Almost every R1b is an R1b1. R1b1c
is defined by M269. Almost every R1b1 from Northern Europe is an R1b1c. So,
for most of us, it doesn't matter much which marker is used. The important
step should be the next level. So far there are markers for R1b1c1 through
R1b1c9, but, as I remember, 80% of those tested are not in any of those.
FTDNA has said (in Houston in last October) that they will not offer a test
which would not benefit most of those taking it.

The science is not there yet. Maybe a few years from now there will be an
Irish marker and a Scottish marker and an Anglo-Saxon marker and a Basque
marker, etc., but not yet. Members of this list have gotten closer using
STRs rather than SNPs.

A few days ago David Wilson was the first to enter his results into ysearch
as an R1b1c. Now there are eight! Where did they test? Or are they guessing?
I don't think it helps to guess.

Bill Hurst

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