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From: ellen Levy <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Jefferson-Phoenician DNA
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 07:51:16 -0700 (PDT)
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Mary Jo:

One last thing about the Etruscan study - it does not
indicate that Etruscan's are descendants of Trojans.
In fact, this seems highly unlikely, based on the fact
that the Etruscan language is not related to any
other, living or dead, including those of the Caucasus
& Anatolia. What the study does show is that the
Etruscans genetically resemble most Eastern
Mediterranean populations, with a distant relationship
to Anatolians. This relationship could stretch back
far more back in time than the destruction of Troy
(1180 BC)and given that the relationship is
genetically distant, I would say it probably does.
Could be the Etruscans were "aboriginal" (I know Ray
is smiling right now) to Italy.

The Phoenicians were an ancient people originating in
what is modern-day Lebanon, though they had
settlements elsewhere as well, particularly along the
coasts of North Africa, since they were excellent
seafarers and traders. Thus, there is no "Phoenician
haplotype," just a number of haplogroups that occur
among contemporary Lebanaese that may be reflective,
to a certain extent, of Phoenician ancestors. These
haplogroups include: R1b, R1a, J1, J2, E3b and a
variety of others. Semino's study gives a break-down
of sub-clades of J & E among Lebanese.

Ellen Coffman

--- Mary Jo Neyer <> wrote:

> Hello, everyone. Thank you first for your
> suggestions regarding
> Etruscan DNA.
> Secondly, I watched the National geographic
> special last night, and
> was surprised to learn that Jefferson's paternal
> line is Phoenician.
> What haplotype is that? Does anyone know of a
> website that has the
> paper trail evidence for Jefferson's paternal line?
> Thank you again. Mary Jo
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