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From: "Russ _" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Jefferson-Phoenician DNA
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:09:39 -0400
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R1a and R1b is descended from Q, which travelled from South Asia to Central
Asia and then westward to Europe. I don't believe Spencre Wells meant to
include these two haplogroups when he said Thomas Jefferson y-dna haplogroup
was "Phoenician".

>From: ellen Levy <>
>Subject: Re: [DNA] Jefferson-Phoenician DNA
>Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 07:51:16 -0700 (PDT)
>Mary Jo:
>One last thing about the Etruscan study - it does not
>indicate that Etruscan's are descendants of Trojans.
>In fact, this seems highly unlikely, based on the fact
>that the Etruscan language is not related to any
>other, living or dead, including those of the Caucasus
>& Anatolia. What the study does show is that the
>Etruscans genetically resemble most Eastern
>Mediterranean populations, with a distant relationship
>to Anatolians. This relationship could stretch back
>far more back in time than the destruction of Troy
>(1180 BC)and given that the relationship is
>genetically distant, I would say it probably does.
>Could be the Etruscans were "aboriginal" (I know Ray
>is smiling right now) to Italy.
>The Phoenicians were an ancient people originating in
>what is modern-day Lebanon, though they had
>settlements elsewhere as well, particularly along the
>coasts of North Africa, since they were excellent
>seafarers and traders. Thus, there is no "Phoenician
>haplotype," just a number of haplogroups that occur
>among contemporary Lebanaese that may be reflective,
>to a certain extent, of Phoenician ancestors. These
>haplogroups include: R1b, R1a, J1, J2, E3b and a
>variety of others. Semino's study gives a break-down
>of sub-clades of J & E among Lebanese.
>Ellen Coffman
>--- Mary Jo Neyer <> wrote:
> > Hello, everyone. Thank you first for your
> > suggestions regarding
> > Etruscan DNA.
> > Secondly, I watched the National geographic
> > special last night, and
> > was surprised to learn that Jefferson's paternal
> > line is Phoenician.
> > What haplotype is that? Does anyone know of a
> > website that has the
> > paper trail evidence for Jefferson's paternal line?
> > Thank you again. Mary Jo
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