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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] P25
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 15:55:44 +0000


I fear that some are going to make the leap from recent reported findings and assume that they are R1b1c. This is entirely unacceptable in my view. Unless one is tested specifically for M269 then they are guessing. FTDNA tests for P25 only. Virtually all of the R1b in Y search etc. comes from guesswork and probability assumptions based for example on matches in the FTDNA Haplogroup database. I am as guilty as the rest since I placed "R1b" there prior to being tested for P25 or M269. There needs to be a way to indicate clearly whether one was SNP tested and by which lab.

Recently our lab tested 8 people for M269 (myself included) and all were positive for this marker. As far as I know only they have the "proper authority" to put R1b1c into Ysearch. In a few days I will provide details as to how other people can have this or virtually any published SNP marker tested.

David F.

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> A few days ago David Wilson was the first to enter his results into ysearch
> as an R1b1c. Now there are eight! Where did they test? Or are they guessing?
> I don't think it helps to guess.
> Bill Hurst

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