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From: ellen Levy <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Jefferson-Phoenician DNA
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:09:31 -0700 (PDT)
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Yes, I completely agree. The publicity factor without
any real scientific data is of concern.

For those of you who pull up the National Geographic
site for Phoenician DNA info, here's an intriguing bit
of information that's really not brought out much on
the site. Basically, the site mentions the
Phoenicians as genetically connected to the
Canaanites. While the tradition has been that many
Middle Eastern populations came from the "outside,"
including the Sea Peoples known as the Phoenicians,
archaeology is revealing more and more that their
traditions grew out of local developments rather than
being brought in by outside groups (at least one
exception to this, however, in the Middle East is
probably the Philistines). The debate is rather
similar to that over the Celtic peoples of the British
Isles - local development or outside influence? In
any case, the Phoenicians spoke a Canaanite language
closely related to Punic, Hebrew, Ammorite, Moabite &
Edomite. Basically, languages that were spoken in
ancient Syria and Israel. Archaeologists (William
Devers, for example) has revealed in his excavations
that the ancient Israelite kingdom also grew out of
mixture of urbanized and rural Bronze Age Canaanite
groups as well. So what you basically have with the
National Geographic study is an attempt to trace the
genetic development of one subset of ancient Canaanite
descendants - the Phoenicians. I would think (though
this is purely speculative) that they will simply find
close ties to modern-day populations in the northern
Levant, including Syria, Jordan, Israel, and to a
certain extent, areas of significant Phoenician

But how do you get from this study attempting to
pinpoint the genetic background of the Phoenicians, to
stating that Jefferson was of Phoenician descent??

Ellen Coffman

--- Ken Nordtvedt <> wrote:

> They said "Phoenician" for the exotic factor, but
> added to that was a
> previous National Geographic/Wells TV program all
> about the search for the
> genetic heritage of the Lebanese, tying them to
> other peoples around the
> Mediterranean who have a tradition of being in areas
> where Phoenician
> colonies had been set up in the distant past.
> Apparently Rome did not
> completely wipe out the population of Carthage.
> Wells is a publicity
> machine! NGS is not far behind. PBS is also
> following the commercial
> Discovery and History channels in taking or
> commissioning fluffed up
> programs designed to reach a broader, less-demanding
> audience.
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> Subject: RE: [DNA] Jefferson-Phoenician DNA
> I think I remember reading somewhere that
> Jefferson's y-dna haplogroup is G
> (which would be South Asian), but I'm nut sure.
> Last night, after they had
> said Phoenician, I tried looking for it, and I
> could't find it. It was odd
> that they said Phoenician. Why didn't they just say
> Lebanon? Perhaps, they
> felt, Phoenician just sounded more exotic. Anyways,
> I would think
> Phoenician y-dna would probably be either E3b, J1 or
> J2.
> By the way, did anyone catch the Ultimate Survivor
> show that came on just
> before The Search for Adam show? I never knew about
> a Goliath fossil find.
> Is this homo sapien heidelbergensis?
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