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Subject: RE: [DNA] DNA Really an Answer?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 12:54:06 -0500
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We are testing DNA now with model T's technology...effective
but primitive.

However in 10-15 years a DNA test will consist of medical,
ancestral, and evolutionary facts for each person.
Autosomal and sex-linked genes will be identified as
normal or defective and perhaps recommendations made for
fixing the defective genes.

Your grandchildren, if you have them, will go to a database
after their DNA test to find out who they are genetically
and where the fit into the tree of mankind. And then
start their genealogical research.

Note: our fear of snake oil and elixirs have brought us
modern medicine.


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Subject: [DNA] DNA Really an Answer?

I was enthused when I sent my DNA to the Genographic Project, now I read the
e-mail here but wonder if all this supposedly scientific stuff is snake oil.
The labs will make money for sure. I' ll keep reading the e-mails and wonder
if there is any truth to it all. Finding ancestors by DNA and there
geographical area sounds great-but?

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