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From: "Gary Rea" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Macro vs. Micro View of Genetic Genealogy
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 13:26:23 -0500
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Ernie, as I was saying to David, there is this new thing called a digest.
It'll save your finger some work. ;)


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Macro vs. Micro View of Genetic Genealogy

> Well said! My delete key works just fine & gets a lot of use. I have, or
> might have, *some* interest in all of the subjects discussed & would
> prefer
> that I have the option to read or delete.
> Ernie Hurst
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>> From: David M. Lawrence <>
>> To: <>
>> Date: 6/27/2005 11:15:33 AM
>> Subject: Re: [DNA] Macro vs. Micro View of Genetic Genealogy
>> It's simple. Read the messages you're interested in and ignore the
>> rest. I do it all the time.
>> There's no need to split the list. The only problem here are people
>> insisting "my way or the highway."
>> I've seen lists split by people who cannot see beyond their own nose.
>> What happens is that people end up subscribing to both lists for awhile,
>> getting twice the number of messages that they used to as people
>> legitimately cross-post to both lists. Eventually the new list withers
>> as the bombthrower who started it inevitably loses control of his
>> "vision" and in turn loses interest in the list that he founded.
>> I am an extrememly busy person who gets hundreds of e-mails each day. I
>> take responsibility for my e-mail "workload" and trim it down as
>> necessary with that magical delete button.
>> Those of you who run surname studies can learn alot from the big-picture
>> people, and they, in turn, can learn a lot from you. It would be a
>> shame to see selfishness -- that is what it is -- destroy a wonderful
>> vehicle for communication among everyone interested in the various
>> aspects of genetic genealogy.
>> Later,
>> Dave
>> Gary Rea wrote:
>> > I don't know about you, but it seems evident to me that this list has
> been completely taken over by those whose focus is entirely upon the very
> broad-brush picture of ancestry provided by MtDNA studies, as opposed to
> the reason most of us got into genetic genealogy in the first place; i.e.,
> to use Y-DNA data in conjunction with our "paper trail" research to find
> specific ancestors with known names. Whatever happened to that?
>> >
>> > Endless discussions of the technical details of haplotypes that include
> half the people of Europe and endless speculations over which band of
> nameless, faceless paleolithic ancestors migrated to where from where have
> just left me so numb I don't even bother to read the posts on this list
> anymore. How about getting back to the root purpose of surname studies;
> i.e., breaking down brickwalls in conventional research and finding
> connections to specific, known individuals? After you know you're an R1B
> and your ancestors migrated out of Africa and across the Eurasian
> continent, what else is there to know about them? Will I ever know their
> names? No. Will I ever know anything about how they lived their individual
> lives? Only to the extent that archaeology can provide any evidence of
> specific settlements.
>> >
>> > Am I the only one who feels the need for a separate list for those of
> us who run surname studies, or participate in them, and whose focus is
> upon
> establishing links between ancestors who lived in historical times?
>> >
>> > Gary
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