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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Welcome back, David! (J SNPs)
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:20:07 -0400

Hi David,

You wrote:

> Your timing is excellent Bonnie. Due to the obvious enthusiasm of the
> "J people" on this List, Jim and I resolved to make this group the
> focus of our most recent efforts. Jim designed all the requisite
> primers (a list will be provided shortly) and this week they are being
> tested in the lab. If perchance there is a primer we omitted, and the
> sequence has been published, we will add it to our tool box.
> I am very anxious to provide assistance here, so will move things
> along as quickly as possible.

This seems to be my lucky day! :-) Thanks so much for keeping us
in mind, David. Please keep in touch and let me know the moment I can
send some samples your way.

> There are p49a,f tests that could be offered

Now there is a wonderful idea. We were just discussing this. . . these
tests could really shed some light on certain mystery haplotypes. It
will be fantastic if we could establish with clarity which clades of J,
G, and F are in ht 8 of this system; whether all J2e are in 24; which J2
people are in 7, and which have a whole series of rarer haplotypes.
There are 7 different ones listed in the Al-Zahery paper on Iraq, within
J2 alone. This suggests to me that there are probably subclades for
which we haven't yet discovered SNPs, like Jx! The idea that there are
more J2 clades yet to be discovered is one that some studies have
alluded to.

I think there are some very interesting and curious haplotypes in the I
haplogroup too, which 49a,f could help to clarify together with SNP

So I'd like to make this plea that you and Jim will do whatever you can
to make 49a,f testing available, which I and some others have been
dreaming of for such a long time now.


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