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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] Welcome back, David! (p49a,f)
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 22:47:39 +0000


I have been advocating for this test for some time. Not all labs are set up to perform all the requisite procedures and it may require equipment purchase and there are some problems that can be encountered when using this probe - but it is under discussion and tentatively slated to be introduced later this year.

David F.

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> > There are p49a,f tests that could be offered
> Now there is a wonderful idea. We were just discussing this. . . these
> tests could really shed some light on certain mystery haplotypes. It
> will be fantastic if we could establish with clarity which clades of J,
> G, and F are in ht 8 of this system; whether all J2e are in 24; which J2
> people are in 7, and which have a whole series of rarer haplotypes.
> There are 7 different ones listed in the Al-Zahery paper on Iraq, within
> J2 alone. This suggests to me that there are probably subclades for
> which we haven't yet discovered SNPs, like Jx! The idea that there are
> more J2 clades yet to be discovered is one that some studies have
> alluded to.
> I think there are some very interesting and curious haplotypes in the I
> haplogroup too, which 49a,f could help to clarify together with SNP
> testing.
> So I'd like to make this plea that you and Jim will do whatever you can
> to make 49a,f testing available, which I and some others have been
> dreaming of for such a long time now.
> Bonnie

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