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Subject: Re: [DNA] "Indigenous, etc."
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 00:07:08 -0300
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At 04:21 PM 26/06/2005, you wrote:
>A note - when you ask others to include a reference for their statements -
>probably best to include some when you make your own. I have no dispute
>with what you said, but others may have read a different book then the one
>we apparently did;-)

Fair enough. See below.

>John Carr
>On Jun 26, 2005, at 10:39 AM, Peter A. Kincaid wrote:
>>>The first known and recorded peoples in traditional British history were the
>>>Celtic groups (hence Peter's comments).
>>If I recall correctly, it is thought that the Beaker people
>>represent the first wave of people who have been recently
>>labelled Celtic. The people prior to that are considered different.

See Archibald A.M. Duncan's "Scotland The Making of the
Kiingdom" (1975). This is the quickest find for my poor
memory. He cites Myles Dillion in "Celtic Realms" as proposing

>>> The Gaels are said to have invaded
>>>Ireland as the final of several waves. The Scots were are associated with
>>>the North of Ireland and the West Coast of what is now Scotland [an area
>>>known then as the Kingdom of Dal Riada], the Picts lived in essentially the
>>>Highlands of Scotland. Meanwhile down south of Scotland in what is now
>>>England and Wales lived other Celtic tribes. This was the state of affairs
>>>which greeted the Romans when they successfully invaded in 43AD.
>>>They were
>>>the first to use the name "Britannia", and this southern mixture of Celts
>>>and Romans have become known to history and archaeology as the
>>Actually it was the Greeks who first gave it their name - at that
>>time Pretannia (after what the natives called themselves - Pretani or

This has been recorded down through the ages. Pytheas is credited
with it as per analysis of Strabo, Diodorus Siculus, Pliny the elder, etc.
Marcian Heraclitus is one source for the P spelling.

Best wishes!


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